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I wiped the last coat of plastic renew on the rear fender and steeped back. They look good I thought to myself. Almost done just need to clearcoat the fenders. I looked at my watch - 9:30PM damn I should be in bed now getting ready for work tomorrow morning. I thought about calling it quits but stopped and thought to myself. If I finish the fenders tonight they will dry overnight and then I can move them and prime the fuel tank, front forks and headlight housing tomorrow night. Temps will be in the 50's tomorrow which is unusual for us in January and will be good for painting. I run into these points during all my restorations do I stay up to finish or just pick it up tomorrow? I have learned form past experience you can't just keep pushing. Or at least I can't - it leads to burn out and mistakes. I also tend to lose ambition when I am at full speed for too long. I pushed on to finish so I can prime but I might call it an early night one of these nights. I like this hobby and overtime could kill it.

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