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Differences Between the 1982 and 1983 Honda BIG RED 200E Three Wheelers

There are a few differences between the two 200E models that Honda made in 1982 and 1983. This may not be a complete list as I am using Honda literature and Honda 200E atc’s that I have owned for sources of information. I will start with the most noticeable differences first and then go on from there. Here we go:

Decals – The fuel tank and fender decals changed between the 1982 and 1983 models. The decals on the 1982 were different than all the rest while the decals used on the 1983 used a design that carried over and evolved to the 1984 models.

1982 200E decals below

1983 200E Decals below

Dash Cover- The 1983 model used a dash cover where the 1982 did not. This cover had a Honda emblem on it. This type of cover was used on the later model BIG REDS.

1982 200E Dash Cover Below

1983 200E Dash cover below

Note that the white painted "Honda" is not original - it was not painted from the factory

DC accessory power outlet – 1983 was the first year the BIG RED got an auxiliary power outlet that could be used to power tools and lights that were offered by Honda. The 12 Volt DC power supply had a maximum rating of 60 Watts (5 amps).

1982 200E below

1983 200E Accessory plug

Chain covers– I found one additional access port on the 1983 chain cover. This access port was added to allow the chain to be lubed easier.

1982 200E chain cover

1983 200E Chain cover

Tool box Heat Shield - An additional heat shield was used on the 1983 200E. This may have been a design change trying to keep the exhaust from melting the plastic tool box.

1982 200E tool box

1983 200E tool box heat shield

Both of the 1982 and 1983 200E BIG REDS were chain drive and did not have reverse which make them less desirable as compared to the later model BIG REDS.

If you know of more differences or have corrections please let me know.

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