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Honda BIG RED Frequently Asked Questions

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Many people come and go when it comes to BIG RED three wheeler ownership. Below are some questions that I tend to see on a frequent basis from the forum and website. The answers are brief and I tried to add links if more information is required. This is part 1 and is in no particular order. I am anticipating adding more questions in the future.




What years was the Honda BIG RED 3 wheeler (ATC) produced?

Honda produced the BIG RED model ATC from 1982 to 1987 in the United States. Some Honda BIG RED ATC’s were produced after 1987 in other countries. Here is a link to the BIG RED history page for more information.



What are the major differences between the different Honda BIG RED ATC models?

1982-1983 chain drive 200CC engine with low range transmission no reverse

1984 shaft drive and reverse added. Still 200cc engine and still had a low range transmission.

1985 250cc engine. Reverse gear was included but low range transmission was not. Rear suspension rebuildable hydraulic front fork rear flip up fenders. Headlight was detachable. A kickstarter was used instead of the pullstart used on the earlier BIG RED models using the 200cc engines. HERE is an article that gives more details between the 1982 and 1983 Honda BIG RED 200E models.




How and what did you use to paint your BIG RED gas tank?

The process has many steps starting with chemically stripping and ending with machine buffing. I use an automotive basecoat/clearcoat system with a paint gun. Click HERE for a post that describes the whole process if you are interested.




My 1982 -1984 BIG RED has no spark what do I do?

Start a logical troubleshooting process to determine the root cause of the issue for yourself. HERE is a post that covers some ignition theory and a troubleshooting process that I have used.




My 1982-1984 BIG RED front forks are shot what do I do?

Join the club. The forks used on the 82-84 BIG REDS were not designed to be rebuildable. The main part that fails is the damper rod which is not available through Honda or the aftermarket. At this time (2020) putting a front end from a 1984/1985 Honda ATC 200M is a good option since it can be installed easily and the forks are rebuildable. HERE is a link for more information regarding installing a 1984/1985 Honda ATC 200M front end and forks on a 1982-1984 BIG RED.

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