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The Vehicle Replacing the BIG RED ATC .... Again

I have traveled all over my area buying BIG RED ATC’s and there seems to be a common factor about the owners. It’s usually parked near the sellers house. It’s an all terrain vehicle with a steering wheel. Yes a UTV (side by side). After some friendly conversation I will ask why the seller wants to pass on the BIG RED that is in good shape and they typically say “well I got this new side by side so I just don’t need the old BIG RED anymore.” I don’t want to question any further since I am trying to get a good price but I am curious. I have talked to others that have converted to side by sides. More space for cargo and the ability to carry a passenger comfortably seem to be the main reasons for the conversion. Another reason seems to be everybody else is doing it – as in if your friends are riding them you want to ride the same type of vehicle together. I und

erstand this. I have ridden in and driven side by sides but I don’t own one. I like them but I can’t justify the expense of buying even a used one. For me it’s kind of interesting -when I was young (in grade school) the four wheelers took over the three wheeler market (thanks to the help of the government). Now I am getting to see the side by sides take over the 4 wheeler market. I guess the marketing people are doing their job successfully – getting consumers to buy more expensive vehicles. Many of the BIG RED’s I have purchased have been from the original owners. They held out through the 4 wheeler phase but capitulated to the side by side. Why? Not sure. If the original owner of a 1985 BIG RED 250ES was 20 years old when he bought it they are 51 now. Maybe the comfortable seat, power steering, and 4 wheel drive are too attractive. I understand – it’s hard to admit but I enjoy more comfort as I get older. Another common thing about sellers is that they typically tell me that “It’s sad to see her go. She’s been a dependable machine for me for many years. If you take care of her she still has a lot of life left” I fully agree. In my opinion no matter how many new vehicle types come out there will still be BIG RED ATCs out getting the job done and I will continue to keep them alive.

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