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My work gave me a furlough week this year. I got a chance to pick this week and it's been great. Yes no progress is getting done in the shop but I am recovering. I mean I feel like I have energy. I haven't drank an energy drink all week. I think this is because I let go for the week. No exercise, no lists, sleeping in for the week, no major plans. I am a workaholic so this was hard for me at first but by the middle of the week I really started to like it. We didn't travel far this week just a bunch of day trips to places that I didn't have time for in the past. I found that I should have made time because I was missing out. This gave me a new perspective on balance. If I burn myself out trying to get that never ending list done - I will probably just get burned out and it will eventually become counter productive. I included a picture of my shop and backyard. It reminds me that there is a large, interesting, big world beyond my small little shop.

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