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Shakedown Breakdown

The strong sweet smell of PB Blaster was in the air. The 1982 BIG RED was three feet off the ground supported by the Handy lift. With the mechanical shakedown done it was time to break everything down for the cosmetic side of the rebuild. This is a fun time for me. I like transforming the old rusty parts into new shiny components just like it was new. It's like resurrecting history. I'm at that stage of deciding what will I use, what will I repair, and what do I need to replace. I can already see the finished product in my head. I am looking forward to reaching my arms into the gloves of the media blast cabinet, clasping the hook of the respirator behind my back to lay on that new paint, and using the magnetic measuring tape to place the reproduction decals in just the right place. As I turned the wrenches in the warm well lit shop with the Pandora blasting from the speakers it was another confirmation that I am following my passion

and it is the right path.

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