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Quiet and Alone

While I was working on the 1983 BIG RED restoration I found myself stopping at times and looking up to see if he was there .... but he wasn’t. It was after nine and he is usually out to let me know he hasn’t gotten his nightly treat yet.

The shop was quiet and I felt alone this week. I lost an important member that was part of the shop for 13 years. He didn’t do direct work but now that he is gone I realize he provided emotional support. My dog Tex was 13 years old when he passed away peacefully at his home. This was very unexpected to me. I knew he was getting older and slowing down but I thought I had more time with him. Sadly I have no more with him but I have some great memories and many things I will miss.

I miss:

  • The jingling of your tags as you moved about

  • You coming out to the shop and giving you treats I kept above the workbench

  • The runs we took up the hill

  • Your bark alerting me to a visitor

  • Your loyalty especially when I got my hair cut

  • Hearing the dog door opening and closing

  • Your wagging tail when I came home from work

  • Fishing on the boat at the pond

  • Taking you for a ride to the dump

  • Long walks on the property

  • Having a hot breakfast with you many mornings

  • Giving you a treat at night and playing tug of war

  • The smiles and joy you provided

  • My loyal friend

It’s been a tough week

I’m gonna miss you Tex. Rest in peace buddy.

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