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Stir Crazy

Crawfish etouffe, red beans and rice, and frozen daiquiris. I got to spend the week in the "BIG EASY" this week. It wasn't vacation it was for work. I was visiting refineries in the New Orleans area. The weather and the food were great but I was feeling a little stir crazy. After work I was having fun checking things out like the national WWII museum and the great seafood restaurants but I was missing working in my shop and on the property. I am finding that I am changing as I get older. I have traveled a lot for work when I was younger and it was great but now I find that I like being home better. Traveling for work and being on vacation are two different things that many people don't understand. I was happy to get home and get back into the groove of my "5 to 9" job. I spent the weekend cutting firewood, listing BIG RED parts on eBay, and prepping the 1983 Big Red motor for paint and I couldn't be happier.

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