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Small Bites

It's good to be home. I enjoyed working in the shop after work this week. I couldn't spend as much time as I like to but that is ok. I like the saying "small bites out of the elephant". This works for me. Even if I spend 15 minutes a day working towards finishing that restoration it is beneficial on many levels. Besides just making a little progress it also keeps the interest level up and it can help improve flow. It also gets me thinking about future steps and lets me check on parts and materials to make sure I can keep going without unintentional stops. I find that as I get older (I turn 40 in May) that my memory is going. I need my daily task and shopping lists. Small bites out of the elephant has also come in to play when it comes to listing used BIG RED parts on EBAY. I dedicate a little time every Sunday to put at least 2 parts on line. I also try to spend a little time every night picking up tools and cleaning up the shop (some times while crushing an ice cold PBR) so it stays tidy. Right now I think I own close to twenty of these great machines. Yeah I'll get caught up someday - small bites out of the elephant.

Sometimes I feel like I am in low range

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