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Sunday Funday

This Sunday was great. I went trout fishing with my dad at a local river. We went out to breakfast at the modern diner in Wellsville and started fishing after that. The water was high and fast but the weather was sunny and warm. I hooked into one but could not land it. I didn't really matter to me it was nice to be outside and enjoy the day. What does this have to do with BIG REDS? Nothing directly. My last blog post mentioned small bites out of the elephant which I believe in but I also believe in taking at least one day a month and doing something fun and not doing any work. This seems counter productive but for me it lets me recharge and refocus which is well worth it. Besides my funday things in the shop are going splendid. I got the motor in the frame for the 83 restoration. I weld repaired another exhaust and started to work on getting the fuel tank ready for paint. My goal is to have the restoration complete by the end of April. This should be easy as long as I am not tempted to spend more time outside since winter is over (maybe).

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