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"Those are things that were made illegal because they were death traps right?".

That was the comment I heard from someone I recently met during a discussion on our hobbies. I took the time to explain a little bit of the history on this but it still amazes me about how the media and the government portrayed and successfully banned the sales of three wheelers about thirty years ago. Yes thirty years ago and most people who have never ridden a three wheeler will mention the word dangerous if you bring up three wheelers. I hate to admit it but that is good propaganda. Through the power of "you tube" you can look at some of the tv news stories that were done on three wheelers right before the ban. I laugh now and think they could have done the same thing for dirt bikes, four wheelers, or even automobiles. Why just three wheelers? I don't think we will ever have an answer to this one. I can tell you from experience that the propaganda lives on. Some riding parks will not allow three wheelers and I have bought three wheelers from people who were not sure if they were "ok" to sell or even have. Strange. I like to be a good steward of three wheelers showing people that they are safe and capable all terrain vehicles with the proper rider. I am finding that three wheelers are becoming popular with some of the newer generation that were not even born when the ban happened. They think of the three wheeler as "old school cool" and I find that great. We need more "good stewards" to keep this great hobby going.

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