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Stocking Up

I went to Carlisle Pennsylvania with my dad a few weeks ago. This is a big classic car swap meet that is held a couple of times a year. Even though it is a classic car event there were some ATC's there. I saw a 110, 70, 200S, KLT 250, and a 85 250R. I am still into classic cars and trucks but I really like going there to find tools and supplies related to restoration. One thing I have learned going to this swap meet is that if you see something you want and it is a good price buy it. Buy it right then and there. Don't think about it or go back later. I have found that it may not be there. This principal doesn't just apply for swap meets it is for any good deal. I kick myself for the tools I should have bought over the years that are no longer available or priced way too high. In the past couple of years I have starting stocking up on good products that I will eventually use. The swap meets are good for this. I bought a lot of stainless steel washers, sandpaper, hand cleaner, drill bits and other similar consumable items. You can get some good deals buying in bulk or asking some of the sellers "how much for all of it?". For me stocking up is essential to being efficient since most of the stores are like a half hour drive away. I spend enough time in my shop to know what I use up on a regular basis and what is a good price. It's a good feeling opening my cabinets knowing I have what I need when I need it.

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