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I didn't get much done with the restoration on the 1983 200E BIG RED lately. Now that I know I have all the parts for the restoration I started parted out another 1983 I have. I am not very fond of the first generation BIG REDS so I will keep one restored 1982 and one restored 1984. The other 1982 and 1983 BIG REDS will get parted out. I could get another complete BIG RED between the two of them but I could use the money I get for selling the parts on Ebay to fund the next restoration. So this past week I spend some time disassembling, cleaning, bagging and tagging good quality used parts. I got this process pretty organized and I do seem to like it so far. It is sometimes difficult to decide to sell something separate or as an assembly. I find that using excel spreadsheets, ziplock bags, and item tags help out a lot. What are the valuable parts? It's hard to say but do your research on ebay to find out what is selling and for how much. Unfortunately many parts are no longer available through the dealserships and the aftermarket is limited. It makes me happy selling parts as I hope that the parts will get the buyer one step closer to getting their BIG RED back running or closer to that full restoration.

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