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I like to challenge myself. It's a test to see if my skills are improving. A recent challenge for me was filling some dings in a gas tank off a 1983 BIG RED 200E. I had a few challenges on this bodywork job:

- Mix the right amount of filler since I tend to waste a lot

- Spread the filler in all the right areas before it sets up

- Apply the filler correctly to make sure there is enough to level it correctly

- Don't sand the filler down too far

My goal was to do this bodywork in one shot. One time mixing, spreading, and sanding. I was confidant that I could do it. So confidant in fact that I did not use the guide coat powder. I thought I had it until I ran my hand across one of the filled areas. I felt the low spot and failed the challenge. I looked on the bright side and at least it was just one area which shows some improvement. Next time it will be a one shot deal.

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