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Full Swing

The weather has been great the past week. It only took to get to the end of May to get it. Along with the good weather comes additional chores around the house and property and the desire to just take off on the Harley to clear my head. Yeah this time of year everything is in full swing. These additional chores and taking advantage of the warm weather are cutting into my BIG RED restoration time. The good weather let me prime some parts outside which is great for faster dry times and less fumes in the shop. I used epoxy primer for the first time and I am pleased with the results. What I am not pleased with are my bodywork skills. I found three areas on the gas tank that need to be corrected after the primer dried. For some reason it took the primer to see the low spots I thought I repaired. I was a little frustrated since I will waste some time and money correcting this. The frustration did not last long as I look at this as a good time to get educated so I don't make the mistake again. This tank was a little different in that it had dents in areas where the tank was curved which is more difficult to fix as compared to an area with less curvature. Part of my issue is that I am using a flat spreader on a complex shape which does not work out well. I have a plan and I am hoping to fix it in one shot. hahaha - (just like I thought I would do last time).

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