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Handling Pitted Chrome

Unfortunately many BIG REDS have spent some time sitting out in the elements. One of the consequences of being left out I the weather is pitted chrome. Luckily the BIG REDS had only a few chrome parts on the. The chrome parts consisted of the handlebars, throttle housing, headlight frame, front fork brace, upper forks, and rear grab bar. When I see pitts and rust on the chrome surfaces there is a good chance that it cannot be saved/refurbished. If I think there is a chance of it being saved I use a metal polish like bombs away first and check the results. If this doesn’t work I will go to something a little more abrasive like scotch brite and then the metal polish. If the results are not satisfactory you have a few options. Get it rechromed. This is expensive and you are probably better off with another option of buying a good quality used part from e-bay. Another option would be to media blast the chrome off and then prime and paint the chrome parts. I have used cast aluminum paint and no it does not as good as the chrome but it looks good and I use what I have. Well that is about it on this subject. The throttle housing pictured was painted with cast aluminum paint. The bright chrome headlight housing was pitted and was polished with Bombs Away metal polish.

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