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Death Piles

I was really looking forward to this past weekend. I was going to see a friend that I haven't seen for over ten years. We grew up together and rode dirt bikes, ATC's, snowmobiles and quads together. After high school he moved out to Las Vegas. I went out there a few times when I was younger but I just got busy and we lost touch. He was coming back into Buffalo, NY which is about 100 miles away from me and had the time to come down and check out my house and property. He like me is a motorhead and still likes ATC's (he's got a nice 1986 350X). I know he wanted to check out my shops and they were a little messy. This is where the death piles come in. Death piles are piles of parts that are too large to ship economically, damaged, or just not the best parts to be sold or used. I don't like to throw out anything and so the parts stick around for that "someday" I will use them. Or that day I will need them because if I throw them out I just know know I will need them a day or two after. So far I have a few death piles going consisting mostly of frames, fenders, racks, wheels, and tires. I did not realize how much of this stuff I had until I started cleaning and rearranging the shop. What to do? I'm not sure yet the piles aren't bothering me too much yet. Craigslist? Scrap yard? Not sure yet but I know I will think of something.

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