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The Mid-Ohio AMA Vintage Days experience. It’s difficult to explain but I will try. I heard about this place for years but my wife and I decided that this year we need to see it for ourselves. We decided to ride our motorcycles there since it is around 300 miles away from our house. The ride there was great – all back roads and no super slab. I actually saw an 85 BIG RED in the back of a truck on the way. So when we get to the event grounds I couldn’t believe it. There were hundreds of people riding around on everything. Mopeds, Harleys, side by sides, 4 wheelers, 3 wheelers, trucks, cars, and motocross bikes. The most popular thing I saw cruising around was old Honda Z50 and CT 70 mini bikes. I am talking about men 60 years and older riding around with smiles on their faces. I saw a lot of oddball brands and models. There was vintage motocross, hare scrambles, trials, and road racing going on over the weekend. There were a lot of bikes on display both barn finds and totally restored and all in between. The reason I went was for the swap meet. This was awesome. It was the biggest motorcycle swap meet I have ever seen. Tons of bikes for sale. I saw almost all of the bikes I had as a kid. I did see a lot of three wheelers there too. A few BIG REDS, Yamaha 200E’s, 250R’s, and many ATC 110’s and 70’s. Prices on the bikes and 3 wheelers were high however I did not try to negotiate and I didn’t stay for Sunday which is the last day. There was a 1983 BIG RED 200E in decent shape and they wanted $1,300. It didn’t sell while I was there. I also got to see a live podcast with Cleveland Moto and Motorcycles and Misfits. Two podcasts I like to listen to while wrenching. All in all it was a great weekend and I encourage anybody who is into old motorcycles or 3 wheelers to check it out. It is like Disneyland for adults who are into restoring motorcycles.

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