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Penetrating Oil for Honda BIG RED 3 Wheelers

Dealing with BIG REDS that are over 30 years old is challenging. One of the challenges is removing those nuts and bolts that are rusty and may have not been removed since new. I employ a few strategies to handle this – penetrating oils, impact wrenches, and heat. I typically start with penetrating oils and escalate from there. Recently I ran low on one of my favorite penetrating oils Kroil. I have good results using this oil but it is expensive. I have used other cheaper penetrating oils like PB blaster, WD-40, and Liquid Wrench. With the power of the internet and forums I searched out the best penetrating oil. I came upon posts that talked about a 50/50 mix of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) and acetone. The concept is that the Acetone is used to deliver the ATF into the small spaces. Since I have both ingredients I already in the shop I decided to give it a try. I used a “ZEP” spray bottle and put a clean 3/8” nut in to allow for easy mixing since the acetone and ATF will separate over time. Once I mixed it up in the spray bottle I was unsure if it would spray. It did without a problem. So far I am using it exclusively to check to see if it works. Without a controlled experiment it is difficult to make comparisons. My goal was to find a cheaper alternative to Kroil and so far so good.

This idea is one of the reasons I like the internet and forums. It’s great that people all over the world share their ideas in an effort to help others. Feel free to share your own “home remedies” or custom built tools that helps you with your BIG RED restorations and maintenance.

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