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AGM Batteries for Honda Big Reds

Ten below zero. Yep that is cold for January here. We have had multiple days where the ambient temperature has been below zero. Once it got warmer (12 degrees F) I went out to the garage to start up the 1985 BIG RED and go cut some firewood. I turned the key to on and hit the magic button. The green neutral light dimmed and the solenoid just buzzed. Yep the cold sucked the life out of the old weak battery. I removed the seat and the right side panel and kicked the BIG RED to life. After I returned I checked the alternator (it was ok) and then then tried to charge the battery. No dice.

Time for a new battery but what type? Lead acid? AGM? Gel cell? Lithium ion? I decided on AGM. I have had experience with all these battery types except Lithium ion. I decided on a AGM or absorbed glass mat battery. For me this the AGM battery is the best value. I have used AGM batteries for over a year now and they have been working great. The same day I couldn't start the 85 BIG RED I tried another 85 that I had an AGM battery and it turned over just fine to start it. What is better about AGM? Here is the marketing found on the box of the battery:

I bought the battery from for about $55.00. Again this was an AGM battery that was made in the USA with a one year warranty and free shipping. I did find cheaper AGM batteries on line but I didn't want to take any chances. So if you need a new battery for your BIG RED you may want to give an AGM battery a shot. I think you will be happy.

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