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1984 BIG RED 200ES Cycle Country Plow

Recently I installed a Cycle Country plow on a 1984 Honda Big Red 200ES. I bought this plow as a package deal with the BIG RED. This plow mounts to the footpegs and frame. It is manually raised and lowered using a hand lever on the left side of the three wheeler. Cycle country was a company that offered snowplows back when BIG REDS were new. Here is some pictures and captions for more details.

Here is the plow all mounted up.

Here are the pictures of the mounts that was given. These are homemade and they mount to the footpegs. It seems like this plow was not specifically made for the 200ES and the previous owner took a cycle country plow and made it work.

Pictures of mounts installed on footpegs. Note the rear foot brake pedal cannot be used with the plow installed. No big deal here since you can operate the rear brake with the hand lever.

Picture of the plow that is cut so it will clear the fender.

Here is the center mount for the plow.

Here is the linkage for the hand lever. Note that the center portion rotates to allow the plow to be raised and lowered.

Here is a pic of the hand lever. The little lever under the yellow hand lever is used to unlock the linkage so the plow can be raised and lowered.

Plow in the lowered position.

The plow can be angled to the left or right

More pictures of the plow installed.

Pictures of the plow in action.

Conclusions: First off you need to have a strong left arm to raise the plow. Since my driveway is stone and not flat I had to hold the plow level otherwise it would dig in and stop the BIG RED. If you have a paved or concrete driveway I don't think this is much of a concern. Steering is much easier compared to the plow I have on an 85 BIG RED that uses a winch mounted to the front rack to raise and lower the plow. The cycle country plow is fairly easy to mount up. Shifting can be a challenge especially if you are wearing large insulated winter boots. Once you get used to how to operate this plow you will find that it works well and is better than shoveling. Having a snow plow for a BIG RED is cool but it may not be for everybody. I will follow up with another blog post giving the pros and cons of the two snowplows I have for an 84 and 85 BIG RED.

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