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In Frame Timing Cam Chain Replacement 1984 Honda 200ES BIG RED

Can you replace the timing chain on a 1984 Honda BIG RED 200ES without removing the engine from the frame and removing the top end of the motor? The answer is YES. The current 1984 200ES BIG RED that I am working on has a clattering timing chain. I tried to adjust the tension but the chain is stretched too far. I really do not want to remove the engine from the frame and the top end and I did not have to. Here is the procedure I used.

Note you will need to drain the engine oil and remove the flywheel which requires a puller.

At this point the oil is drained ,the recoil cover, the pulse generator, and left side cover has been removed. I will set the motor at top dead center on the compression stroke. Next the starter reduction gears are removed. Be sure to keep track of the thrust washers. Next the flywheel is removed.

Flywheel removed.

Ok at this point using a small screwdriver press down on the tensioner to reduce tension on the chain and pull the top timing chain sprocket off of the fit on the camshaft as seen in the image above.

Remove the top sprocket. chain will rest on camshaft.

Pushing down on the tensioner again the timing chain can be stretched and slid over the end of the crankshaft

Once the timing chain is slid over the the end of the crankshaft it can be removed from the top.

Reassembly with new timing chain is opposite of disassembly be sure to line the flywheel at the "T" mark and the top timing chain sprocket "O" mark at the 12 O'clock position. The ignition timing and timing chain tensioner will need to be set.

I replaced the timing chain with a new one and no more slapping/rattling sounds from the engine.

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