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Fun BIG RED Owners Manual Tips

Fun BIG RED Owner’s manual tips

While reading over some BIG RED owner’s manuals I found some interesting content.

In the 1983 manual the high/low transmission is called a posi torque speed range selector

Emergency tire puncture repair – again from the 83 manual it mentions using a kneaded narrow strip of cloth and gum or plug the hole with a nail or screw

The maximum recommended water fording depth is 11”

Use 80-90 oil on the air filter element and the drive chain

Optional equipment in the 83 manual list just an odometer (trip meter) but not an speedometer

The 1984 manual lists rubber steps (foot pegs), speedometer, and air pressure gauge. I was thinking that the air pressure gauge was part of the standard tool kit but I guess not.

The BIG REDs were recommended for no one under 14 years of age.

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