• Big Red Mark

Raising the Bar

As I get older I think about things differently. Lately I was thinking about optimization in the shop. Yes the lifts are nice but there is always room for improvement. I’m a big believer that a comfort and organization will lead to a more productive shop with less mental and physical effort. I tended not to think of such things when I was younger. I would be on my back in the gravel driveway or bent down for hours working on things. I was much more resilient back then and could recover quickly. I still end up doing “field” work out of the shop and it lets me know how well I have it. Back to optimization. Ergonomics – I decided to raise up my workbench and welding table so I would not have to be bent over so much when I have to use them. I used some cinder blocks to accomplish this and so far so good. The next optimization was the tool selection on both lifts. I found myself going back and forth to the toolbox to grab new tools as a job progressed. I have been working on BIG REDS for some time now and figured I can do I lot with a few tools. These include wrenches and sockets of the following sizes 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm. I was recently at a swap meet and picked up two sets of these tools – one for each lift. Again so far so good less trips to the toolbox and I have extra tools. I also got an Led work light. This provides more light and less heat as compared to the fluorescent work lights. For me I will look to optimize as time and money permits –so far it has been well worth it. Please comment as to things you have done to optimize your shop.