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Swap Meet Fun

I really like swap meets for many reasons. I mostly go with my dad so we get to hang out with each other and talk shop. I also like to see all of the different items. It could be something cool that I have never seen or something I used to have in the past. The people at swap meets are great too. You get the grumpy old man but also I will typically talk to someone else with the same interests. The fashion can be great too.

A few weeks ago I went to the Hershey swap meet for the first time. I was excited as I have been going to Carlsile for many years now and I was looking for a change. It was a change and the change was good. First the swap meet is held in a paved parking lot. This was good since it poured the first day we were there but it was not a muddy mess for the pedestrians and the vehicles. Hershey was much larger than the spring and fall Carlisle meets. It had more variety too. Hershey seemed to have a lot more automobile related antiques. I saw so many old glass type gas pumps you wouldn't think they were rare. There were also a lot more older vehicles there. I'm talking about chain drive motor driven carriages. They had a lot of cool vehicles for sale. There was a lot of oddball stuff there too - even some three wheelers. Unfortunately I did not see any BIG REDS. See pics below of some of the items I saw at the event.

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