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Back On It

It's been a great summer. I had a lot of fun and accomplished a lot. The restoration of my 1973 K5 Blazer is complete, the firewood for the year is done, the vehicles have been rustproofed, and the furnace has been cleaned. Now as it gets colder I will spend more time in the shop working on BIG REDS (as long as nothing else breaks). This part of the year is exciting for me. I have walked by the projects for months and now it is time to pull them in the shop and get to work. Maybe it is a little OCD but I don't like having unfinished projects laying around. I have some BIG REDS to part out and I also want to do a mechanical restoration on my 85 BIG RED that I use on a daily basis. A complete restoration on one of my 85 BIG REDS is on the list too. Not sure exactly what I want to do. A stock rebuild or pep it up a bit. I also have some tanks to paint and some seats to recover. I also have some extra parts from the 1982 - 1984 BIG REDS that I want to list on EBAY before I move on with the 1985 - 1987 models. I also have a few 200X's and 250SX's that I would like to go through and get running sometime - someday. Here it is the middle part of January 2020 and we still haven't had enough snow to ride the snow machines. Son of a. Oh well in the meantime more time in the shop BIG REDS and hopefully some more posts on the forum. I included some pics of the snow machine back when we had snow last year.

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