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Fixing A Leaking Honda BIG RED Gas Tank By Soldering

Many Honda BIG RED metal gas tanks will leak over time due to corrosion/rust. I have MIG welded the holes in the past but I have found that I would typically create a larger hole due to the heat. TIG welding would probably be more successful but like many I don't have a TIG welder. I like to seek out alternative repair methods so I decided to try soldering. Now I have soldered but it was limited to electrical/wiring applications. I did some research and watched some youtube videos on soldering gas tanks and decided to try it myself. I found that it worked very well and I did not have the issue of creating a bigger hole due to excessive heat. The images below show what I used. To learn how to solder I suggest you watch some of the many videos on youtube as it would be very difficult to describe the process with text and still images. Note that you need to consider safety when applying heat to a gas tank. Be certain that all the fuel and fumes are removed from the gas tank before applying heat.

If you are interested in restoring your Honda Big Red metal gas tank I have another article that you may be interested in. Link is provided below.

Hole in gas tank

Solder applied

Grinding solder down

This is the solder and flux I used

I used a simple Mapp gas torch for soldering

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