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Take A Hike!

Please note that I will be limiting my participation to for a few months while I take a hike. On April 13th 2021 I will be attempting a northbound thru hike of Appalachian trail. This is something I have always wanted to do and I am excited for the adventure. I will probably be gone until September of 2021 but when I return I will be back working on and restoring BIG REDS as usual. Thank you all for your support since I started the website and forum. Together we have built a great community of BIG RED owners who have been helping each other for many years now. I ask that the forum members to please continue to help each other. I hope you all have a great spring/summer and I will be back at it in the fall.

Thanks Again,


Also if you want to see some pics of the hike please follow Marksathike on Instagram. I hope to try to post a pic a day (dependent on cell phone reception)

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