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I drove by it for 3 years on my way to work. It was sitting next to a trailer with three flat tires. It was all there and there was no mistaken that it was a 1984 Honda 200ES that was located in my hometown. I stopped shortly after I saw it for the first time but it was not for sale. "Right now it does not work since it has no spark but I will get her running soon". That was what the owner told me . I was persistent and after a few years he decided to sell it to me. This was the same BIG RED that I recently did a "basic" restoration on. See more details HERE. Now it is back in good running condition and that gives me satisfaction. Put in some work and money and get something in usable condition again so I or someone else can put it to work or enjoy it. That really makes me happy and that is why I like working on these BIG REDS as some of them I buy have the same story - Sitting for years with good intentions. When the intentions turn to action the real fun and learning begin. I hope this website and forum inspire you into action of maintaining or restoring your BIG RED so we can keep them alive for years to come.

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