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6 Reasons the 250ES is the Best BIG RED ATC Produced

  1. Suspension – The 1985-1987 250ES are the only BIG RED models that have front and Rear suspension. The front and rear suspension makes the 250ES much more comfortable as compared to the older 200E and 200ES hardtails. Having front and rear suspension also makes the ATC handle better than the older models in my opinion.

  2. Alternator output – The 250ES alternator puts out 200W as compared to the older models that only have a 70 Watt output. This is important for add ons like halogen headlights, hand warmers, and thumb warmers. I have found the lower alternator output on the older models limit the electrical add ons you can use without draining the battery.

  3. Rack design- This is more for the rear rack Access to the toolbox on the 250ES is much easier as compared to the 200E and 200ES models. No need to unclip part of the rack, move the small rack aside, and then unclip and open the toolbox. For the 250ES just unclip the rack which is attached to the lid of the toolbox to gain access.

  4. Flip up fenders – This was a great idea in my opinion that didn’t seem to catch on to other makes and models. Just unscrew the two knobs and flip the rear fenders back. There is a brace supplied to keep the fenders up. This allows quick easy access for inspection and maintenance.

  5. Removable headlight – Again another great idea that didn’t seem to catch on. By removing the headlight you can get light where you need it especially if you are working on your own machine and you do not have a headlight. It also comes in handy when you need light in a place where you cannot the ATC into easily.

  6. 250cc motor – The 250cc motor was a big improvement in power, maintenance, and reliability. Power- the 250cc motor produces 17.8 BHP @ 7,000 RPM as compared to the 200cc motor that produces 13 BHP @ 7,000 RPM. Maintenance – the 250cc motor has a paper media oil filter. Reliability – Adding the kickstarter is much more reliable as compared to the recoil starters used on the 200cc motors.

Rear Suspension

Flip Up Rear Fenders

Removable Headlight

250 cc Motor

Rack Redesign for Toolbox

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