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Smooth Sailing

The restoration of the 1984 BIG RED 200ES has been going great so far. I’m finishing up the assembly and it’s a good feeling seeing it come together. Everything is fitting together right and I’m not searching around for parts and fasteners. At some point during the assembly I stopped to think about what I’m going to do next and I looked around and thought man this is nice. I am working in a well lit shop listening to tunes standing up next to the three wheeler on the lift. It didn’t seem that long ago when I was working outside in the dirt bent over on my back losing my tools in the grass. Sometimes I miss those days – life seemed so simple back then. But then again I was younger and my body could take a lot more and recover faster. Smooth sailing – It wasn’t always like this. It takes time and experience to figure out what makes you more efficient and it takes money to buy the right tools needed. As I continue work with a clear head and a smile on my face I have no doubts putting money in the shop has been a great investment.

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