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Chasing BIG REDS on Craigslist

I recently been chasing a few BIG REDS for sale on Craigslist and I thought to myself man how things and how I have changed. Things have changed. I remember buying three wheelers in the swap sheet. The swap sheet was a weekly newspaper sold in stores which was just classified ads for items for sale in my area. No pictures and few words. No texting just a phone number. As I look back it was hard and disappointing since you had to trust someone’s description over the phone which in many cases was better in their eyes than mine when I checked it out. When the internet first came out it was slow but it seemed like people took the time to write a good description and take quality pictures. Now it seems like craigslist is getting worse and worse. The last big reds ads I looked at on craigslist basically said 85 big red runs good $1,000. Included were 3 pictures that were out of focus. One of the ads didn’t even have a picture. Sometimes this is good since I think many people may pass over these ads. The internet ads typically allow you to create a great ad with many pictures but few do it. As I buyer I noticed I changed to. I text people now. I did not do this just 3 years ago since I did not have a cell phone. I have a cell phone now since my work gave me one. I’m glad I have it since many more craigslist ads are text only. I changed in how I buy too. In the past I always called and did not discuss price over the phone. Right now I have close to 20 BIG REDS way too many projects to get to. If it is not a survivor in great shape or a smoking deal I typically review the ad and pics and text an offer that I would be willing to pay. If I get a positive reply fine, if not no problem. It didn’t used to be like that before I bought a lot of these BIG REDS. I will still go out and make an offer in person on a middle of the road BIG RED IF it is less than an hour drive away. I recently got lucky. One of the 85 Big Reds I was chasing was 7 miles away. I showed up to look at it, worked out a deal, and I brought it home.

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