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Tools that help me stay organized during the restoration process

Digital camera / computer – A digital camera is a great way to document your restoration. It allows me to quickly make a digital reference of how things looked before disassembly. I have used digital pictures for decal and seat cover placement. Along with the digital camera goes the computer with folders created to organize the pictures.

Notebook / spreadsheet – I still use a dedicated notebook for my restorations. This allows me to write down what parts and materials I need and I use it to document my costs during the restoration process. After awhile I created a simple excel spreadsheet to keep track of the costs of the restorations. This allows me to know if I am on track to meet my cost goals of the restoration quickly. It also allows me to go back and check on costs.

Service cart – I use a service cart right next to the lift so the bag and tagged parts stay together. I typically have multiple restorations in process at the same time so I have multiple service carts each dedicated to a particular vehicle

Tags – I use tags with strings and attach them to parts. For me this works well since I can just take the tags off and on as needed. This works well if I decide to sell some of the parts on-line

Bags – I have many plastic bags that I use to hold small parts like bolts and rubber grommets. I use a black marker to write information about the parts and where they are used.

Shelves- I have a nice set of shelves with multiple compartments that help me retain and organize parts.

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