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Finish Strong

The devil is in the details. I think this is true for a restoration. As I finish the 1984 200ES BIG RED I find myself doing the extra things like painting the labels on the dash and engine cases and making sure the cable and wiring routings are just right. This was just an “educational” restoration so I am being lenient with myself on this one but it is the little details that make a good restoration great. Things like new hardware, grips, and decals can make a big difference in the overall appearance. Having new correct decals and warning stickers on fresh paint really stands out well. If almost everything looks new the parts that don’t will draw more attention due to the contrast. Like when it comes to cars – if a car has a bright shiny new paint job and dull chrome bumpers and door handles it won’t look right at least not to me. It’s not just new hardware it’s how it is installed too. Fender and rack alignment on these BIG RED’s can make a difference. So when you think you are finished with that restoration take a good look all around the machine and find and fix/tweek the things that don’t look right or don’t match. It can make a good restoration great.

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