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Rusty Parts Make Me Smile

I pulled the heavy cover off of the 82 BIG RED that was sitting on an old barn foundation yesterday. I've been meaning to get this ATC up to the shop for a restoration for a long time now. I filled the flat Goodyear tires with air and wrapped the tow strap trough the front end. An 85 BIG RED provided the power to get it up to the shop and on the lift. Just as I was going to shut the lights off and close up the shop my attention was drown to the old, faded, rusty gas tank. The American flag and Led Zepplin sticker first drew my attention but soon focused on the sides of the tank. The paint had been worn through to the bare metal which was now rusty. It takes a lot of riding to get that kind of wear - I knew it and it put a smile on my face. Somebody or many people really enjoyed this machine. Memories of riding all day in the summers when I was a young man filled my head. Those were good times. There is a certain satisfaction to restoring these machines. I hope that when I am finished it will be passed on to someone who will start wearing the paint all over again.

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