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Two on the Floor Two on the Lifts

Now that the restoration on the 1984 200ES BIG RED is complete I filled the shop with my next projects. The next goal is to restore a 1982 Honda BIG RED 200E. Well I have two of those but since the 1982 and 1983 BIG RED 200E’s share a lot of parts I brought my two 1983 200E’s in also. Here is the plan - use the best parts out of the 4 BIG REDS to restore One 1982 200E and one 1983 200E. The remaining good usable parts will be sold on ebay. The plan sounds simple but I’m sure once I get into it what I first think I will use will change. I have found these early BIG REDS are hard to find in good shape. They are old and have many disadvantages as compared to the newer BIG REDS like chain drive, no reverse, and crappy front forks. The early BIG REDS also shared a lot of parts with the other ATC’s of that era. This means it is hard to find one in good original shape. At one point in their life they tended to sit outside for a long period of time and/or were passed on to someone that beat the hell out of it and did some crappy repairs. I really don’t know these four BIG REDS all that well. I got them at a good price so I didn’t check them over very well and they have been in storage for about a year. I remember seeing welded front forks, leaky gas tanks, homemade seat covers, and busted plastic fenders – all things that will be good challenges for these restorations.

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