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Sorting Things Out

This week I spent some time sorting out the restoration on the 1982 Honda BIG RED 200E. I have two of them and I’m trying to figure out which ATC has the best parts to use for the restoration. This sounds easy and it is in a way but if you make the wrong decisions here it can cost you time and money. With experience you learn how to properly examine the parts to know they are good. In some case this will require some disassembly. You also need to know if it is the correct part or if another part from a different model was used. In some cases the parts on the two machines are missing or are in such bad shape that I need to get the part from somewhere else. Right now it looks like most of the parts are there. I know the motor will need to come out after I took a compression test so I will start soaking the motor mounts in penetrating oil. Once I have my parts list complete I will start inspecting and exchanging.

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