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One Day a Week

I decided today was the day. Tuesday was the night I picked out to work on the BIG REDS out in the shop. I have a lot of other projects going but I have been dedicating at least one weeknight to drop everything and work on the BIG REDS. This forced schedule is necessary to keep moving forward with the restorations and used parts. Tonight as I got into checking the front brakes and removing the front end off a 1982 BIG RED I was "at peace" for at least a few moments. I really enjoy these moments no other worries but the task at hand. As I knocked the front axle out of the hub I was distracted by the voice coming from the speakers in the shop. I was listening to a podcast from Ron Anaian "the car doctor". He was talking about the future of auto repair and that five repair shops in his local area were closing. That got me thinking about the future of three wheelers. Am I part of a small majority of people still riding and restoring BIG RED three wheelers? I'm not sure on this. I would like to hear from others out there that share my passion. Drop me an email through the contact section of this website or share what you have been working on in the forum. And if you haven't tried it repairing and restoring these BIG REDS can be very therapeutic.

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