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Full Capacity

Yesterday I walked in to the shop and looked around at the four BIG REDS in the shop. My mind raced as I looked at all the tools spread out on the lift, the rear axle hanging off the service cart, and the 1983 BIG RED sitting low with 2 flat dry rotted tires. Anymore stuff in the way and I wouldn’t be able to walk through it all. I am always thinking 4 steps or more ahead when it comes to my projects. This works well as long as the plan comes together. If you need to squeeze something in between those 4 or 5 steps like getting my snow machine ready for the upcoming season it can really disrupt my “project flow”. This was my own fault – all the rides on the Harley during the fantastic summer we has had a detrimental effect on my to do list. Taking advantage of the summer was worth it so I am just going to have to deal. Still standing there I am running through the best ways to rearrange the crowded shop to accommodate the snow machine that will probably need a top end rebuild. I start to think that the easy fix would be to rebuild the sled in the storage shop with no heat, lights, and my tools far away. Thant way I would not need to rearrange the shop at all. This sounds great but I know better. It will be well worth it to spend the time playing Tetris with BIG REDS to get the snow machine up on the lift. My next thought is how much nicer it will be to rebuild the sled with the lights on, the woodstove cranking out heat, and all the tools I need sitting on my service cart right next to me.

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