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Constant Improvement

It was about time. I looked at the end of the handlebar at the faded black grips. They were worn so much they were actually smooth. These may have been the original grip the factory put on the 250ES back in 1985. When I was browsing the interwebs I thought as long as I am doing the grips I might as well put some handwarmers on. I found a set on ebay and put them in my cart. I thought for another second as long as I am doing the handwarmers I might as well do a thumbwarmer too. The weather here is getting colder and I thought of those early mornings going out to cut wood. Warm hands on a cold day is pure comfort. Constant improvement. Even the little improvements to the BIG REDS make the experience of operating them that much better. Improvements like tires, new brake shoes, new control cables, and a new seat cover sound small but can provide a satisfying experience. That is what I find with the BIG REDS. In many cases they are so old, neglected, and just used that we forget what they were like when they were new. Little improvements once done tend to lead to another and another and sometimes lead to a full restoration which when completed never seems to be completely done.

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