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Lost Parts

I climbed over the last of the four BIG REDS in the shop. I pulled up on the left rear fender and sighed in disappointment. Not one of these BIG REDS had the chaincase clips and rubber plugs for the access ports in the chaincase. This does not surprise me since in my opinion putting the chaincase on the 1982 and 1983 BIG REDS was a mistake. Why cover a part that needs to be regularly maintained? Honda tried to add access plugs to check the chain tension and lube the chain. The outer cover had clips to help ease removal. Over the years this plan did not seem to work since most of these BIG REDS now are just missing the outer chaincase cover all together. Since I am trying to restore the 1982 200E factory correct I need to find these lost chaincase parts. This is not the first time I have run into these issues. Bad designs led to common "lost parts". Lost parts are the ones that are always missing on a particular vehicle usually due to evolution over the years. Lost parts are typically the little things like the access plugs or what about the exhaust heat shields? Air filters? - These seem to be missing more and more. Tool kit under the seat? Or the rubber cover for the clutch adjustment on the right hand side of the crankcase cover. If you have to buy these lost parts for a restoration be prepared to open your wallet for not much return. If you are looking at a used BIG RED these lost parts (if they exist) can be a good clue as to the condition of the vehicle. I found the chaincase access plugs and the clips on ebay for $40 including shipping. That hurts. What hurts more is that I need these same "lost parts" for the 1983 BIG RED that I will be restoring next.

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