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I finished the 1982 Honda BIG RED 200E restoration and moved it out of the shop this week. I thought the shop would be a little cleaner but not so. I started the restoration of the 1983 BIG RED and now I have 3 BIG REDS in different points of disassembly. I have been spending most of the week picking parts from all three BIG REDS and assembling them on the one 83 that I will restore. This is kind of a fun. It is like having your own parts shop. In the past I would write a list of the parts I needed and hit the forum classifieds or EBAY. Now I just unbolt and take. This saves a ton of time and effort. I will end up parting out two of the BIG REDS after I am done restoring the one 83. Picking the parts for the restoration can be difficult since some of the parts are pretty much the same condition between the three machines. I did have to buy some parts. I needed a tail light housing and a rear rack center section. It is becoming harder and harder to find these machines complete. Thirty plus years does that. Late Sunday I finally got most everything together to the point where I can break everything down for clean prep and paint. While I was working in the shop this week I was also thinking about my age. I just got an invitation for one of my friends 40th birthday party. I will be turning 40 this year too. It's funny I don't feel old. Working on these same machines I grew up with tends to make time stand still (in my mind).

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