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Break in the Weather

I stepped out of the shop and looked up at the stars this past S

aturday night. I could not believe it. Here it was February and I was media blasting a BIG RED frame in my big shop with the 10' X 10' bay door wide open. It was over 50 degrees and it felt great. No torpedo heater and no large amounts of condensation in the compressed air lines. I had to take advantage of this and stayed up late into the night getting further ahead on the restoration of the 83 BIG RED. The mild weather has caused a bit of a snag too since now the maple sap is flowing good now. I typically would not have tapped the trees yet but you got to adjust with the weather. The 83 restoration is coming right along. The diassembly is now complete so on with the cleaning and the prep for painting. I could not believe it only one broken bolt. The drain bolt of the rear brake drum. The drill press make quick work of it. I got a little unexpected exercise too. I had a 4 foot breaker bar on one of the rear axle carrier bolts and it fought me all the way out. On the contrary the front and rear axles slid right out. So it looks like I'm going to need to be flexible with this weather - I'm not complaining.

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