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Stop. Reset

I was planning on prepping the frame for the 83 BIG RED restoration today but I didn't. I just could not take it anymore. I looked around my shop and saw clutter all over the place and piles of dirt on the floor. I put everything on hold and started to clean the shop. This happens to me about every three months or so. I stop everything and clean the shop. I can only handle clutter for so long and then it really starts to bother me. Especially when you can't find things and need to walk around objects to move about. It took me about 4 hours of cleaning to get everything back up to snuff. I need to be more disciplined so that I clean every night before I turn the lights out. It was worth it though. I stepped back and looked around the shop after I was done and was satisfied with the results. I am at the point where I am going to start painting some of the parts for the 83 so I need the layout space. I also bought some butcher paper this week. It's the same stuff you wrap sandwiches in. I bought it to put down on the top of the workbench for the top end rebuild of the engine. The butcher paper is white and should help with the keeping the engine parts organized during assembly and disassembly. I am also thinking about getting another service cart with 3 drawers to keep my common used tools in. It is fun for me to have a shop that is continuously evolving to help me become more efficient.

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