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BIG RED Frame and Engine Serial Numbers

October 29, 2017

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Break it Down

November 11, 2016


As I dumped a little bit of gasoline into the tank I didn't have any doubts that when I pressed the little black start button on the left handlebar switch that the 200cc Honda motor powering the 1982 BIG RED would turn over and fire up. I mashed the button and it came to life with that deep exhaust note. I pulled it off the lift opened the garage door for a late night "test and tune". I gunned the throttle a few times, turned the light on, and tapped the shifter down. The three wheeler lurched forward. I grabbed more throttle, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Then I let off and squeezed both brake levers. The front end squatted as the drum brakes slowed the 400lb machine down. I reached down and flipped the transmission into low gear and ripped through all the gears again. I pulled back into the shop with a  big smile on my face. The mechanical part of the restoration is over and now it is on to breaking everything down for the cosmetic part.  


Yeah I know that is the incorrect tank!