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When you are restoring 30 year old BIG REDs nothing is easy. You better plan on spending extra time doing simple tasks that you think are no problem. Just this week I was working on the rear end of a 1982 BIG RED 200E. I took the right rear wheel, wheel hub and brake drum off with no issue. On to the right rear wheel. Just looking at the contorted cotter pin I know I’m going to have problems. First using needle nose pliers I find the cotter pin on the hub castle nut won’t come out. Back to the toolbox to grab the cotter pin tool. I hook it in the loop and tap it with the hammer. Nothing. Next break the ends off of the cotter pin and then tap the cotter pin out with the removal tool. Next on to the wheel nuts. These don’t look that bad of shape. A little bit of rust and pitting but I feel confident. Three out of four break loose easy. I put the 12 millimeter socket on the fourth one and turn the ½” ratchet counter clockwise. First I feel a lot of resistance it's gonna go and then it slips. Son of a bumble. I’ve been here before so I grab the socket and the impact gun. I pound the impact socket on the nut hook up the impact gum and hit the trigger. Zing zing and the nut is loose. I look down at my cheap Casio wristwatch and it is time to clean up and go to bed. Man what the heck happened to the time? I was expecting to have the whole rear end out so I can check the rear wheel bearings. Not tonight. Maybe tomorrow night if I don’t encounter more time sucks along the way.

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