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Changing Seasons

Looking out the single pane windows of the garage doors I could see about six inches of snow on the grey car cover used to protect an old 1986 250ES. I looked back into the shop and saw the bare frame of the 1982 Honda 200E sitting on the lift. All the parts were organized on shelves or on the service cart. Man I'm making some real progress here I thought to myself. With the season changing my shop schedule is changing too. I leave for work and it is dark. I get home from work and I only have about an hour of daylight. This means less outside activity and more time spent inside working in the shop. This should be a real productive month since the only thing that will slow me down is snowmobile season and the trails don't open until December 20th. So from now until then It's going to be long nights in the shop restoring the 1982 Honda 200E and I am looking forward to it.

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