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No Easy Way Out

What a dumb design. I said this in my head as I squeezed the trigger of the air cutoff tool. zooop zooop. As the metal turned red hot my nostrils were filled with the scent of burning plastic. I gripped the channel locks and pulled the head through the gooey plastic. What I was doing was removing the mudflaps from the rear fenders. I still have not found and easy way of removing these. Like I said this is a poor design. The setup just invites moisture and mud from the tires to be trapped and corrode the screw to the nut sleeve. Despite soaking the assembly in Kroil for about a week they would not budge. If you trey to drill or cut them out you generate enough heat that you will start melting the plastic fender. I tried loosing the screws after the week long soak in penetrating oil. Nothing. So I just got the screws warm enough to melt through the fenders. This is no big deal just use a washer under the screw on reassembly. It still looks good. I have come to learn that sometimes during these restorations that there is no easy way out you just have to accept that plan A will not work and move on to plan B.

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