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Rup rup rup rup. The starter motor on my truck was having a hard time turning over the crankshaft in my truck that spent all night in the driveway soaking up the cold wind. When the ambient temperature gets in the single digits I usually decide to take a night off in the shop. That doesn't mean I stop work it just means I move the work into the kitchen where the wood stove puts out great heat. Yes I can heat the shop but for a weeknight is it worth burning all that fuel for three hours? Not for me especially since it will be ten to fifteen degrees warmer tomorrow. So tonight I will work on restoring the seat pan of the 1982 Honda 200E. Nice and small. A little sanding, a wipe down with wax and grease remover, and a fresh coat of gloss black rust cover paint. All while soaking up the radiant heat and waiting for a warmer tomorrow.

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