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I stepped back and admired the glossy black paint reflecting off the fluorescent lights hung on the shop ceiling. It wasn't long ago that these parts were sitting under a cover rusting away. Bringing these BIG REDS back to life gives me satisfaction. Looking back on the "before pics" I can now see the transformation process and furthermore I am part of it. I can see the efforts of all the prep, media blasting, and painting. The restoration process is also a process using my hands, brain, and many different tools. This process is a challenge and is a constant learning process. I am always learning new techniques and trying out new tools. My painting and welding skills have come a long way. I am also getting faster at theses restorations partially due to new tools and more experience. I am glad that I have found something that brings me satisfaction, educates me, preserves history, and makes me a little money.

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